Cabin Style Shed Pressure Treated Finish

Cabin Style Shed  Pressure Treated Finish

The cabin style has the following features:

  • 1ft. overhanging roof.
  • Balanced twin window look with central door.
  • Scalloped Facia on roof and windows.
  • Available in 8ft or 10ft wide models, max 16ft long.

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Cabin Style Shed Pressure Treated Finish

All the exterior timber used around this shed is pressure treated spruce, a very durable timber which we sourced from Scandinavia. The timber is moulded into a barrel shape giving the shed a log effect. All the side boards are shiplap jointed, while the roof and floor boards are kiln dried tongued and grooved.

The Pressure Treated Barrel Board Finish has the following features:

  • 6" X 1" (150mm X 22mm) PAO tongued & grooved roofing & floor boards.
  • Heavy duty mineralised felt. Exterior 5" X 1" (125mm X 22mm) PAO barrel board weather sheeting.
  • Weatherproof window fitted with perspex.
  • Door higher and wider for simple access.
  • Complete with double window in 8' sheds & longer.
  • Planed barrel board log effect.
  • White Spruce is a slow growing 1st grade timber, ideal for Irish weather conditions, and is exceptionally durable.