Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be a problem accessing my site?

If you have a side entrance with no overhead restriction (lintel or archway) and no tight corners then you are unlikely to have problems!


What site preparation is required before delivery of my shed?

The site must be clear and level (not sloping) and the required amount of 4”solid concrete blocks or paving slabs left on the site. The number of blocks required depends on the size of the shed. Our customer service staff will advise on the amount of blocks needed.


What timber treatment should I use and how often?

With the exception of our pressure treated buildings all our garden sheds are treated with an oil based preservative before leaving the factory. However you will need to treat your shed with an oil based treatment on the outside only soon after delivery and annually thereafter. Kelly Barna recommend Bondex or Sadoline which can be bought in your local hardware store!

What does Pressure Treated mean?

Chemicals are absorbed under pressure leaving the wood long lasting and low maintenance.


Are your sheds guaranteed?

Yes! Sheds are guaranteed for one year. However storm damage or sheds not maintained to our recommendations are not.


How do I pay for my shed?

After paying your 10% deposit, the balance is due on delivery of your shed. This can be in the form of cheque, cash etc. We also accept Laser Cards etc.